What is Turmeric? and What Can it do for Me?

Turmeric is a very popular plant, especially with households who love to cook Asian food. It is a member of the ginger family and has been used outside of the kitchen as well. It contains medicinal properties and was popularly used hundreds of years ago as an anti-inflammatory agent. Also known as the golden spice, it has been used in both Chinese and Ayurveda as early as 600 B.C.

Today, this plant is known for treating other health problems. Here’s what turmeric can do for you:

Relief from Arthritis

50 patients with osteoarthritis took part in a three-month research in Italy. The research team investigated the effects of arthritic symptoms of the patients with turmeric curcumin. It was reported after 90 days that 58 percent of the patients showed a decrease in overall stiffness and pain. These patients also reported having experienced physical functioning improvements.

Impact on Diabetes

With Type I diabetes, the inflammation in the pancreas causes slow cell death. Because of this, it causes the organ to malfunction in producing the hormone insulin. The anti-inflammatory properties found in curcumin helps modulate the activities and pathways of certain proteins in the body, which play a role in reversing the pancreatic damage. This spice can also stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps Type II diabetes patients manage their health.

Prevents Heart Problems

Stroke is one another kind of heart disease that many people are trying to avoid. It has been proven that turmeric can prevent this heart disease by reducing your cholesterol levels and the amount of plaque that has built up inside your major arteries. Since many of the coronary problems today are associated with cholesterol levels, curcumin can help prevent other types of heart disease.

One key detail to remember is that turmeric is not the regular medicine that you can take whenever you fall ill. If you want to maximize its benefits and antioxidant properties, it is best to take curcumin supplements on a daily basis.


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