Which is Best: Turmeric Extract or Curcumin (Curcuminoids)?

Turmeric curcumin is a well-known spice from India. It has a long history of medicinal use in treating illnesses all over Asia. Most of its healing properties come from its bioactive ingredient curcumin and other curcuminoid derivatives.

Typically, a turmeric root contains about two to five percent curcumin. Since these numbers are low, consuming unprocessed turmeric will not have a huge impact on your health unlike taking concentrated curcumin. There are some reports saying that some consumers are not too happy taking this supplements as it did not work for them.

If you are looking for results, you must take quality supplements from reliable brands that accomplish the spice's health benefit promises. There is a reason why some companies sell a bottle of curcumin tablets for $10 or less, and this is not because the company is so huge that they can afford to take their prices at an all-time low. It is simply because some of the ingredients may not be of high quality. Taking inexpensive supplements are not entirely bad. You just cannot expect big results from supplements like these.

If you truly seek evident results right away, you need to purchase 1000mg of standardized Turmeric Extract per serving. Why? Hundreds of clinical studies have confirmed that this is the dosage people need. Furthermore, make sure to get one that includes Bioperine as it helps your body better absorb curcumin.

Now, companies manufacture curcumin that can dramatically increase blood plasma to levels that were not previously seen through other curcumin supplementation. This impressive rise of effectivity is due to adjusted ratios of curcuminoids and high turmeric essential oils content.


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